Anytown (USA)

Welcome to our Mint Health clinic in the heart of USA. Coming in 2018

Nashville, TN



Opening hours:
Saturday – N/A
Sunday – N/A

Clinic Services

This location offers the following services

Acute Care

Receive treatment for those untimely moments—stitches, headaches, or any other short-term medical needs.

Chronic Condition

Persistent and long-lasting conditions require careful attention from a doctor. Under our plans this is actually possible.

Medication Reduction Strategy

Work closely with your doctor to appropriately reduce medication prescriptions.

24/7 Triage

We offer constant communication between you and your provider. Telemedicine and secure messaging allow you to access your doctor after operating hours.

Physical Examinations

Get a complete physical as part of your membership. Regular physical examinations can help assure that your health needs are fully taken care of.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Management / Wellness Management

Your lifestyle habits have a large impact on your health. Work closely with your doctor to create a wellness plan that will work best for you.

Functional Medicine

Medical research usually takes about 10-15 years to make it into the clinic, but Functional Medicine is all about utilizing the latest medical research and cutting-edge testing to get to the root cause of disease and dysfunction. Functional Medicine seeks to empower individuals and make health sustainable by implementing lifestyle and nutrition changes as the first line of defense, only using short-term medications as necessary.