We were getting broken by the current healthcare system.

In our new healthcare delivery model, the providers see a limited number of patients to guarantee easy access, provide better care, and create the highest-quality patient experience for one low monthly membership fee.

No insurance accepted or required. No deductibles, no co-pays, and no hassles.

Let’s fix healthcare together.


Like many family physicians, you love to practice medicine but are tired of the hassles of insurance, feel overworked, and find it hard to deliver the highest level of care to your patients. In the last fifteen years, over 600 primary care physicians have started membership-based or direct primary care practices. If you want to practice in this model but don’t want to take the leap by yourself, Mint Health Clinics will help you find a way. As a physician, you can either retain 100% of the risk of starting a new business or team up with others. We have been there, done that. Either way, become a Mint Health Clinics physician to increase your chances of success. Let’s talk.

Robert Boyer, M.D.

 National Support Team

Dr.Robert Boyer, M.D.
Bret Pomrenke

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